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Hoists >> GIS Electric Hoists—The Pioneering Crane System


125 - 5000 kg (1/8 to 5 Tons)

Hoist features included as standard equipment:

  • Upper and lower limit switches
  • Wear resistant overload clutch assembly
  • Cadmium plated load chain
  • Floating 5 pocket chain wheel provides smooth jam resistant operation, extending chain life
  • Durable chain containers
  • Optimized weigth distribution
    (no counterweight required)
  • AC brake employs multi friction discs for long life
  • Class "F" motor insulation
  • Enclosure protection to IP54
  • 230/460V motors are field reconnectable
  • All motorized trolleys are supplied with brakes
  • Supplied with emergency stop equipment
  • Trolley with safety drop stops
  • Strong light weight aluminum housing
  • Built in pendant strain relief cable

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